Friday, September 28, 2007

Day Two of Homecoming (50th class reunion of 1957)

Another excellent day at Davis College's Homecoming. I had the great privilege of attending the class of 1957, 50th class reunion. It was a great turn out. Above is most of the class. When we took the photo a few people were still talking back in Griffis Hall. I had the opportunity to share a PowerPoint I put together about the History of the school that I did for Freshman Seminar. I was surprised to learn that during their time in the 1950s very little was told about the history. I also showed Fruits of a God Given Vision, the 16mm film done in May of 1956.
Joan (Thurber) Watkins shared her testimony about working in Africa and many others shared their testimonies of how God has been working in their lives the past 50 years.
One highlight was the men's quartet that was assembled on a moment's notice. It was very wonderful! The Reunion was excellent and it was great to see men and women of God with many years of experience and devotion to our Lord come together and live as if they were my age again. The child in a person never dies only the body of this life ages.
Earlier in the day there were great messages by Pastor Bill Boulet and Dr. George Miller III. The Memorial I put together for Dr. Barackman with the music from Dr. Barackman's favorite hymn. Thank you Dr. Brent Young (1983) for doing that for the video. An offering was taken for the restoring of the bell. I have also met many great Alumni from 1952, 1957, 1967, and many others. One such couple was Vincent Griffis and his wife (1967). Vincent is the son of late Dr. Paul Griffis (1932). I will do more with Homecoming in the next couple days. Much to post about, and many pictures to share.

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