Saturday, September 15, 2007

Robert Miller's Memories of PBTS

As I continue to work on some items about Dr. Barackman and Miss Mary Baker I would like to post these memories of PBTS.
The following are some memories of Robert J. Miller. Robert is the one of the sons of Pastor George Miller II, and the younger brother of Dr. George Miller III, the current president of Davis. Like Anita Harrower's memories several months ago, Robert never attended PBTS as a student, but was actively involved with the school when his parents attended. Enjoy his memories, I know I did.
Growing up on the campus of PBTS

I remember the first day we moved onto the campus at “Practical Bible Training School”. How I enjoyed chasing all the squirrels and climbing up the tall evergreen tree in front of King Hall. I know my Mother was a nervous wreck with knowing I would be getting into everything and anything, the campus a field day of adventure. We had an apartment which was behind the old post office at one point. We lived, also at the married family housing which was completed in the earlier part of the sixties beyond the Knoll. It was there that I became friends with other student’s kids. It was my Brother George and I and My two Parents, George and Eleanor Miller. I loved it on the Campus, ridding my bike for hours on end and never having to leave the Practical grounds. I became good friends with Richard Robb (President Robb’s son) and he and I would always find lots to do as we were the same age. We always had a watchful eye out for President Patterson, who seemed to always be around patrolling the Campus on a hot summer’s eve or evenings during the school year. Dr. Patterson would always stop and take the time to talk to us boys. It always seemed like we had a sense of security with him around. It amazed me that he being President of a college would take the time to care about us boys.

My Father went to Practical and Graduated in 1965 and we stayed at the school with my Father and Mother both working on the staff. We lived in many different places from the “League Building” to another apartment in the old Post Office building, to finally “Clements Hall” before leaving Practical. We left when my Father was led by God into another ministry he started in Spencer, New York. When we lived on campus I had meet many godly folks who were both teachers at Practical, and Staff members. Even the “Head of Maintenance,” Mr. Conn was in my eyes a spiritual man; I would see him on occasion praying with someone. I also remember the students who would come over to our apartment and talk with my parents about there problems. I guess some of the students thought of my mother and father as taking the place of their parents which were farther away.

I live in the Myrtle Beach area now with my Wife Josephine, but we from time to time make the trip up North. We always take a ride through the campus of which is now Davis College and I am, in my mind, always taken back forty some years ago to a wonderful time in my life. I would have not missed it for the world, living on that campus, being amongst the very godly people who where there. Then there were wonderful picnics at Arrowhead, the wonderful guest speakers for the Alumni retreats (as they called it back then), and also graduations. I am very proud to say my Father and Brother both attended Practical (Davis College). From time to time my Wife and I will hear a speaker that graduated from PBTS. My wife always tells me you can see how they were trained just by hearing them preach. It is a wonderful thing that Practical-Davis College has always taken a stand to never waiver from teaching and professing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Davis would be proud as to where the college has evolved in these modern times. I always remember and sing it from time to time, some lines from that song the Seniors would always sing at graduation , “on the bank of the Susquehanna, in God chosen place , stands our dear ole PBTS”. I did not attend Practical or Davis, but that precious College will be for ever in my heart as well as everyone in my family’s hearts as well. “PBTS How we love you and your teachers dear” those words will for ever ring out not only in my life but the Miller family. We know that it will only be a bright, blessed future for the countless others who will pass through and be a part of Davis College.

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