Saturday, September 22, 2007

Making of the Men's Dorm, Patterson Hall

This has turned into a three part series about the building of Patterson Dorm. I have done two other posts about the building of Patterson Hall.

To view part one
To view part two

This scan is from the 1946 Theologue. It showed me something I have never known, but it makes perfect sense now. During WW2 there were not many men that attended PBTS. In fact the Inner Circle Men's Dorm was big enough to house them all. Originally the Old Main Building was both a men's and women's dorm with a large wall dividing the two. During WW2 many women came to the school so that the Main Building became strictly a women's dorm. After the war ended many men wanted to go into ministry and the school did not have enough room...hence Patterson Hall was needed to be built. It is interesting to me that the men's dorm was going to have a dining hall and kitchen in the basement.

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