Friday, December 08, 2006

Digital Restoration of two 16 mm films

One of the things that we did a few years ago was getting two 16 mm films from the school transferred to DVD. Now the company here in Vestal that did it only transferred it. There is a company online called Video Conversion Experts. They have a wonderful transfer and restoration process and I would love to have both of these films done by them. The cost is about $1300 to have both of them done. The images above are from the DVD we have now. The first two images on top are from a 16 mm film from around 1946 or so. The quality is very bad. The second two are a couple shot from the 16mm film done in May of 1956 and narrated by Gordon Davis. The quality of film is much better, but it too could be restored. Age has crept upon these precious films and soon the 16mm films will not be able to be restored. I would love to have them done as soon as possible. If you would like to contribute toward this goal please email me at:

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