Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two godly Alumni have left this earth to be with Jesus

As I posted earlier today, Dr. Barackman went home yesterday. I found out just today that Miss Mary Baker also went home to be with Jesus this past Friday. She was of the class of 1946. She was a missionary in Africa for many years and set many young hearts and minds on fire for Jesus Christ and missions. I am in the process of working on memories from anyone who knew either of these Alumni. If you would like to share a memory fill out the form on the side or email me at I hope to have a larger post in the next few days with some photos from Theologues.

I myself never met Miss Mary Baker, but the few things I have heard about her are wonderful. She was a missionary in Africa for many years and had a passion for the lost souls of humans everywhere. She would get people excited about missions anytime she would come back to her Alma Mater.

Dr. Barackman I never met in person, but I talked to him once on the telephone and wrote a couple letter to him and received a couple back. The last one was from October of last year. He wrote it soon after getting out of rehabitation. He was excited that I was still studying the history of Davis. In the final paragraph he wrote.

"I was released from Broad Acres rehabitation center on September 8th (2006) after having been there for eight months. It is wonderful to be home with my wife, I have been doing a study of Psalm 23. It will be an exciting time when we are with John A. Davis and John R. Clements in glory and learn more about the school's history. I appreciate your interest in this and your desire to maintain a current history of today's events."

Well Dr. Barackman now you are in glory talking to Dr. Davis and Mr. Clements. Soon we will be together either when Christ returns or I go to be with Him.

Please share your memories of these two godly Alumni. I know I would love hear more about both and I know other Alumni will too.

Dr. Barackman's Obiturary -Sun-Gazette
Dr. Barackman's Obituary- Press and Sun
Miss Mary Baker's Obituary

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