Monday, June 18, 2007

And straight ahead we have the Main Building of PBTS

Welcome to Bible School Park and straight ahead is the Main Building of our fine campus. The Lord has been been good to us by blessing us with this campus "on the banks of the Susquehanna."

This picture was taken between late 1921 and early 1923. I think it was taken around 1922 like the other picture that is facing toward the North. Crowell Hall has clearly been completed (which happened in 1920, after the death of Henry Crowell in 1919). Another item that is missing is the bell from the right hand side. The bell was given my the class of 1923 (so this puts this picture around 1921 or 1922; like the other picture of the main building).

NOTE: if you click on the picture to see it up close you will see two women on the top balcony near the center of the building. One is sitting and other standing.

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