Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ghosts on Campus

OK, this is a different kind of topic for the History of Davis College, but still a very interesting. Many Alumni have mentioned more in passing about the presence of "ghosts" or "spirits" or "demons" on this campus since the early days. Even in the past few years there have been weird things that have happened. It is something to come to expect being that it is a Christian college training Men and Women for ministry. What sparked my interest in earlier classes experiencing these apparitions was a line in the 1932 Theologue. On page 70 on a section called: Do You Remember. One mentioned "Whoa! I see a ghost coming!" Now I do not the context of the yearbook written 75 years ago. Alumni have mentioned that the Old Main Building had some interesting experiences. One Alumna from 1959 remembered that one of the lounges had a bullet hole in it. Whatever happened between 1902 and 1910 at the White City Amusement Park (murders and suicides) the effects might be still around in the form of demonic activity. Do any Alumni remember any weird things happening on campus? I would love to hear them. Feel free to post a comment about them or email me.

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At 2:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Corey,
Not sure if I ever told you some of the things that happened to me at college... They factored into why I left. The strangest thing I can tell you is that one day after chapel, I went to the lounge to take a quick nap before lunch. There were a few people in the lounge. I asked one of my friends who was in there (I don't remember who it was now) to wake me up at lunch.
Well, I don't know how long I had dozed, but I woke to the sound of footsteps approaching the lounge. I kept my eyes closed because I didn't really want to be bothered by anyone. I figured if it was my friend coming to wake me, I'd talk to him, but didn't wish to talk to anyone else.
Well, the footsteps stopped somewhere in the middle of the room. Then I heard a question: "What are you doing?"
I opened my eyes in order to say "What does it look like I'm doing?" but there was no one there. I should've left then, but I just thought maybe the sound had carried in from elsewhere. The windows were open, ya know?
I closed my eyes and laid back down. About 30 seconds to a minute later, I heard the footsteps again... and they started right where they had left off in the middle of the room. They came right towards me, right to the side of the leather couch i was laying on. I was too scared to move.
I briefly heard the voice try to ask me something else, and I tried to sit up and scream "get away from me!" I didn't even get halfway to a sitting position, I couldn't open my eyes, and my scream was reduced to a gurgling whisper. I heard the footsteps running away from me towards the outside wall (not towards the door, strangely enough), and accompanied with the footsteps was a strange sound. I can only describe it as maniacal laughter and a baby crying at the same time. I know that's weird, but I can't recreate the sound, or describe it any better.
Ever since then, on occasion, I will wake to hear voices when there's no one there, or I'll feel a presence in whatever room I'm sleeping in. Only once did I see something... A large, dark shadow moving past the foot of my bed. The weird thing is my dog was growling as I tried to scream. Every time I'm "visited" I am paralyzed.
I wish I'd have found this blog years ago.... Hopefully someone else will stumble across it and leave you a story or two.



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