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What is a Theologue? The yearbook of Bible School Park, NY

The Theologue: the yearbook of the Practical Bible Training School. What are the origins of this name and the history behind it and in it? The answers are just ahead on today's edition of Davis College History!

The school was founded (as most people know) in 1900. They were just summer classes from June to August. The school moved from the top of the store in Lestershire (Johnson City) in 1900 to 47 Harrison Street in 1901 where it would be until the summer of 1911. At that point the school had outgrew the Harrison Street location and it moved to its present location.

It would not be until 1922 that a yearbook would created.

This would the first yearbook of the Practical Bible Training School. It was simply called "Class book 1922."

1922 and 1923 were important years. It would be in the summer of 1922 that John A. Davis became Dr. John A. Davis after he received his honorary doctorate from Taylor University (I will do a post about this in the future).

In November of 1922 "The Students League of Many Nations would be founded.

The Class of 1923 was the class to buy the bell that would be put on top of the Main Building and that bell is now on the top of Chaltos-Davis.

It would be the class of 1923 that would call the yearbook "The Theologue."

The Class of 1923 created the name "The Theologue" and the name would continue through all the following years. If we look at the meaning of the name "Theologue" = Theo from Theos (God in Greek) and logue from logos (word in Greek). So literally it means God words (even though the yearbook is not inspired). Maybe it could be interpreted to mean the God's words in our lives. The yearbook does not say where they got the name. It would be interesting to see if anyone from the Senior class of 1923 wrote anything later in life to the origin, but I have yet to find anything.

Some interesting Theologues of interest that I have found would be the 1934 Theologue that was recreated in light of the death of Dr. John A. Davis. Also the 1950 Theologue was special in that it was the Golden Anniversary of PBTS.

The Theologue would continue until 1991 when someone or the school as a whole dropped the ball. There would not be a yearbook until the 2003-2004 school year. The following year there was yearbook, but last year there was not a yearbook. I have been working on creating a team to finish up this year's Theologue. The company I am going through is not a yearbook company, but the books are much better and full color. The picture below is what the cover will look like.

Well that is all the time I have for today's edition of Davis College History. The History of the Theologue. More next time.

Update 5-29-07: I thought I would a search on Theologue on Google and I found it does have a meaning.

From www.thefreedictionary.com :

n.1.A theologian.
Ye gentle theologues of calmer kind.
- Young.
He [Jerome] was the theologue - and the word is designation enough.
- I. Taylor.

2.A student in a theological seminary.

So I guess the word Theologue was a common term for the class of 1923, just something not known nowadays.

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At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you think I can get one of these theologue yearbooks? that would be awesome to have for memories and stuff..


At 10:11 PM, Blogger Corey Adams said...

Thanks for posting. Send an email to cadams@davisny.edu and tell me about yourself. I will send you information about the 2007 Theologue.

Thanks for posting,


At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Mrs. Parker said...

Hi Corey, I literally fought to try and get a Theologue during the years there was none, but it took a person knowledgeable to help make it look professional and there was no-one with the knowledge or time. It is really sad for all those students have nothing to remember their class mates by, except maybe pictures they took. This says 2007. Is one being done this year? I think so for we have had pictures set up and taken for such. I would like a copy of the one pictured if possible. THANK YOU for all you do for the history of our college. I love this place and am excited about what you are turning up. God bless you much dear! Much love!!!


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