Friday, May 04, 2007

85th anniversary of John A. Davis' Honorary Doctorate

The 85th anniversary of John A. Davis receiving his Honorary Doctorate from Taylor University is coming up on June 14, 2007. The original proceeding happened on Wednesday, June 14, 1922. It was at a time when PBTS was growing larger and larger. PBTS had been at Bible School Park for 11 years and a new era had just begun with the first yearbook a few months earlier. In November of 1922 the Students League of Many Nations would be created. The second yearbook would be called the Theologue by the class of 1923 and they would donate the bell that still resides on the top of the Main Building. Yes, it was the Golden years of PBTS until the Great Depression would come in 1929 when things would change, but for that summer day in 1922, 85 years ago, John Adelbert Davis became Dr. John Adelbert Davis at Taylor University in Upton, Indiana.

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