Friday, May 25, 2007

Theologue 2007: Onward and Upward

The last week of school a large box came on a UPS truck it was the Theologues! I knew they were on the way and when I grabbed hold of the box I rushed back to my room to open the box and behold the finished copies of: Theologue 2007- Onward and Upward. The next day the delivery began and the ones that had ordered a copy were very excited to get their hands on it. If anyone would like to order a copy they will be available hopefully in the near future on This was the company that we created the yearbooks through and next year the Theologue staff will be using the same website. The cost will be $45 plus S&H. I will do another post when you can start ordering them. I will also put a link on the side bar of this website and should also have a link soon after I finish the process for the online bookstore. It is exciting to see this process come together with the great team I worked with.

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