Friday, January 12, 2007

Looking back...looking forward...nearly a year later

I have been walking around campus looking at the sights that I have seen many times before and I then I thought about the Old Jail and the Old Administration Building. In a few months it will have been a year since the Old Administration Building and Old Jail were torn down on our campus. I had enjoyed going in the Old Administration Building on many occasions. To know that John A. Davis conducted the school for years within those walls. In those walls were tears and laughs prayers and protests. Memories galore and then I found my pictures of that event and began to reminiscence over the event. I also watched the video I recorded of the events. Over one hour of destruction. I posted some pictures that I took of the event back in April and put them on my PNG blog. Then I moved them over here also for all to enjoy. They are found at the following links below:

I decided to upload some other pictures of that day for your viewing pleasure to see this historic building be torn down as we at Davis College move on.

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