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Vaporware is defined as "new software that has been announced or marketed but has not been produced" (thefreedictory.com) and it kinda describes the image above. Let me explain. One of the professors here at Davis College, Dr. Walter Schlundt, has been moving his books and items from Patterson Hall over to Academics during the Winter Break and this week. He came across several different items of School history that he knew I would want to look at. One such item that is shown above was for a project that never happened. The M.L. Lowe Memorial Chapel. It was going to placed were King Hall stood. Dr. Lowe was a beloved professor here at the school for many years writing 3 books and preaching many sermons on the return of Christ. This project was headed by the Alumni Society at the school.

This will be a Chapel with a seating capacity of 1,000. It will be approximately 110 feet long, 86 feet wide in the front and 36 feet wide in the back. The front exterior will be mirrored glass, reflecting the beauty of the campus. Inside there will be a balcony, class rooms, music rooms and a projection room. The Chapel will be air-conditioned and will be functional year-round for various activities such as: Bible Conferences, etc. The proposed cost is $550,000.

They hoped to have it finished and dedicate it in 1982, which would have marked the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Lowe's coming to the school. It was a project that did not get off the ground. I had never heard of it until seeing this letter and the illustration. Now we are working on the Ministry Center that is much larger. (See Below)
It will be on the site where King Hall and the Old Administration Building were. To learn more about this and the Library extension project check out: http://davisny.edu/ia/projects.htm

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