Friday, January 12, 2007

Rasing the Roof

The picture above is that of the roof for the Kenneth Robb Activity Center. It is from the Binghamton Press and Sun dated January 28, 1980...Wow over 4 years before I was born! Dr. Schlundt had saved it and it was one of the items I have scanned. The text reads (if it is blurry)
Raising the roof
Michael Sexton guides a roof panel into place for the gymnasium and student center at the Practical Bible Training School, 400 Riverside Drive, Johnson City. School officials don't expect the gym to be complete until early June, so it won't be put into use until the fall semester begins. Gary Harding like Sexton, an employee of Tier Construction Corp., Endwell, operates the crane.

The Gym replaced King Hall as the gym and place for the Graduation ceremonies. King Hall was torn down a few years later.

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