Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Opposite: The musical

Some of the homeless people at the mission

Derek Ledbetter (Cameron), Bekah Havens (Rachel), and Deborah Ward (Sam)

Big Daddy (Josh Rathmell) and Jay (James Pine)

Sam and Rachel talking about the Rescue Mission

The character of Lizzie (Jeannine Snyder) blames the mayor for her problems...

...and is shot by the body guards of the mayor

The Mayor's family invites Jay over for saving Rachel's life

Cameron (Derek), T-Money (Andrew Ryckman), Jay (James Pine), and Downtime (Phil Chapman)

Sam and Rachel talking about the Rescue Mission

Sam is freaked out by Downtime and T-Money

But soon they are working together

Rachel and and Jay share a meal at the mission

Looking sharp there boys

Jay and Rachel talk about their future

Big Daddy giving some wisdom to Jay

This past weekend several students put on a musical entitled Opposite. It was a great musical. It is about a recently unemployed man named Jay that goes to a Rescue Mission for a meal and finds eternal life in Jesus Christ. He meets two guys "T-Money" and "Downtime" who mentor him and help him do things opposite than what he did in the past. While he is at the mission he meets Rachel whose father is the mayor of the city. Rachel and her boyfriend Cameron visit the mission and serve and soon Rachel brings her friend Sam along. The musical was a great reminder that the Christian life is not easy, but with Christ and godly friends you can live Opposite to your sin nature.

Great job to the Cast and Crew of Opposite!


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