Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 76th anniversary of John A. Davis' homegoing

Today (Wednesday, March 17, 2010) marks 76 years since Dr. John A. Davis entered glory.

John R. Clement put the death of John A. Davis in this way:

They tolled the bell when he slipped away;
The bell that had called to school each day;
They tolled the bell and the campus knew
That the Leader with all earth's tasks was through;
For him no more the heavy load
He had borne adown a stony road;
No more the worry, the fret, the care;
All these are unknown in "the Over There."
For him the day of a deathless song,
And the streets of gold, and the ransomed throng;
For him the joys of a ceaseless day,
Where the ills of life have all passed away;
For him the clasp of the Nail-pierced Hand;
And the untold bliss of Immanuel's Land.
John A. Davis who less than 34 years earlier had been lead by God to start a Bible Training School had entered into glory. The founder had went from the pain and stress in this life to the eternal kingdom of God.

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At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks be to the Lord for the life and dedication of Dr. John A. Davis! He was a great man of God! I count it a true honor to have graduated from the Practical Bible Training School in 1984-- 50 years after his passing in 1934!
Rev. George Guyer
The Pines at Whiting Chapel Ministry
Whiting, New Jersey

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Corey Adams said...

Thanks George. Yes, it is great that God used John A. Davis to start PBTS in 1900. Now 110 years later the school is still training men and women for the ministry.


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