Thursday, April 01, 2010

The One Dollar Challenge: April 10, 2010

1899 Silver Certificate

I would like to challenge Alumni/Friends of the college, because of my love for the History of Davis College. This year marks 110 years since John A. Davis started PBTS (now Davis College). In April there will be a 2 part series about the beginning of PBTS. A post will appear on this blog at midnight on April 5 and midnight on April 10. On April 5, 1900 John A. Davis was lead by God to start a Bible School and on April 10, 1900 John A. Davis received a dollar bill that confirmed it was from God. The gift the dollar was from a poor washwoman who included a note with the gift, which read, “I am a poor washer-woman but God has laid it on my heart to give you this dollar to help you carry out the plan He has revealed to you.” John A. Davis took that dollar bill and with it started PBTS in Lestershire (Johnson City), NY only a few months later in the summer of 1900. While many of us don't have much money at this time I think most of us can spare one dollar. God took that one dollar and used it to His honor and glory. That one dollar has given us 110 years of history.

I as the Historian of Davis College would like to change any Alumni or Friends of the College to donate a dollar on April 10, 2010 or anytime in the month of April to Davis College. If would like to send more you are more than welcome. You can send in check or donate online or drop it off in person to the business office on campus. While you are at it write a note of what PBTS/PBC/Davis has meant to you.

If you would like to mail in a gift mail it to:

Davis College
c/o Shelly Wilcox
400 Riverside Drive
Johnson City, NY

Or online you can donate via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card:

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At 6:19 PM, Blogger Independent Christian Church Policy Review said...

Very Nice!
That is a 1899 Silver Certificate depicting Abraham Lincoln and, U.S. Grant.
The Signature is what identifies this particular note from left to right, it is in the last name of: Teehee and, Burke.
The condition of you're note appears to be at least Extra Fine (XF) so, it probably has a value in excess of $60.oo. I'm using the'Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money' 12th edition (1993)

At 7:12 PM, Blogger Corey Adams said...

I do not own one it is just a picture of one. Most likely it was the kind of one dollar that was given to the founder of Davis (John A. Davis) back in 1900.


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