Monday, April 05, 2010

110 years ago today....(Part 1 of 2): The Vision

It was 110 years ago today that something wonderful happened. Alone in a room in Hazleton, Pennsylvania the 28 year old John A. Davis sat studying the Word of God. He had been conducting a revival meeting in Hazleton and now was preparing to head back to Binghamton, New York to his wife Etta and two young sons, Gordon and Charles. Soon after returning to Binghamton he would head west to Elmira, NY for another revival meeting. As he sat reading the words of life that had forever transformed his life, the LORD laid on his heart the need of a Bible school in the northeast. Davis had attended the Chicago Evangelist Society/Chicago Bible Institute (now known as the Moody Bible Institute) in 1893 where he had been trained and his gift for evangelism had been nourished and put into practice. He wanted to bring the kind of education and training he had in Chicago to the east coast. "He was wonderfully moved in which the message from God, which seemed to set forth the Lord’s plan for his life. But he was just “the Boy evangelist” and he could not understand how God could use him to establish a school. He prayed much about it but little did he know how the answer was to come"(1931 Theologue: What a Dollar Bill did). Only days later God was going to give conformation for the creation of the Bible School.

Next Part Two: The Confirmation

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