Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pastor's Conference: March 9, 2010

The weather was beautiful today on the campus of Davis

Dr. Snyder speaking to a Pastor

Pastors talking in the cafe and drinking coffee

Dr. Pedrone meeting the Pastors

Several Pastors in the Gym

Over 160 pastors came. Some from as far as Connecticut

The worship team singing in Chapel

Dan Rathmell introducing Dr. Pedrone

Dr. Pedrone speaking to the Pastors on Spiritual Depression

Today (Tuesday, March 9, 2010) was the Spring Pastors Conference at Davis. Dr. Pedrone spoke on Spiritual Depression, and several pastors came very far to hear about it. Some pastors from as far away as Connecticut came to this years conference. Over 160 pastors and ministry works were in attendance. We began in the Cafe and Robb Activity Center were the Pastors could get some coffee and donuts. At 10:20 AM we all heading to Lowe Hall were the students were also. It was great to see all the Pastors, Professors, Students, and Preview Students in there.

After singing two songs Dr. Pedrone was introduced by Dan Rathmell. Dr. Pedrone spoke out of two passages of Scripture: 1 Peter 5.1-4 and Psalm 42. He addressed the changes of ministry and how sometimes the greatest strengths in ministry can cause depression in ministry also.

After the sessions there was lunch in the cafeteria. It was a great day and a lot of great encouragement to me, and the other leaders as well.

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