Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sports in the early years of PBTS

Here are the sports teams in the 1925 Theologue. Note the clothes that the men and women wore for the sports. According to the Theologue men's Interclass League was started in September of 1923 by Dr. Charles Williams (below)
The girl's athletics consisted "chiefly of Marching Tactics, Calisthenics and indoor athletic games. Besides this the girls played many fast and exciting games of Volley Ball." (p 56 1925 Theologue). Over the years the sports changed, but it wouldn't be until Woodrow Kroll was president that the sports teams began to play on a college league instead of church leagues. There was even a tennis court on campus though I have never been told or seen exactly where it was at one point. Many games were played in King Hall where many of the activities were done until the Robb Gym was completed in 1981.

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