Friday, January 11, 2008

Dr. George D. Miller resigns from presidency

Photo by Corey Adams Theologue 2007

The day before graduation 2007 Dr. George D. Miller III submitted his registration to the Board of Trustees. The Faculty and Staff learned of the registration a few days before Christmas in 2007. I did not want to post anything about it until it was made official. Today (Friday, January 11, 2008) both our Davis College website as well as the Press and Sun Bulletin had an article about the registration. And while I know whom the next president of the college will be a formal announcement has not been made public yet. I will post about that on Monday or Tuesday when that "official" announcement has been made.

The press release from reads:

In the May 2007 meeting of the Board of Trustees, Dr. George D. Miller III, president of Davis College, announced his resignation that will lead to the implementation of a transition plan and his leaving the presidency of Davis College.

Dr. Miller has held numerous positions at the College since 1981 and was appointed president in the spring of 1998 serving in that position for the last ten years. During his tenure, the College received regional accreditation with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and changed the institution’s name from Practical Bible College to Davis College. Dr. Miller has also helped develop numerous campus renovation projects and new academic programs, expanded financial support bases for the College, diversified the Davis College community, created additional recruitment markets, initiated numerous off campus teaching sites, and integrated the College with its local community more than ever before.

Though he announced his resignation, Dr. Miller will remain at the College until June 2008 to assure a professional transition beneficial to the College.

Just yesterday (Thursday, January 10, 2008) I was able to do an interview with Dr. Miller and so many of the details above will go into much more detail when I finish a write-up based off of the interview. Dr.Miller graduated from PBTS in 1972 and he returned to work under Woodrow Kroll in 1981 and served as Intern-President between Dr. Kroll and Dr. Linebaugh. He served during the Linebaugh administration also. In fact he has been serving at this college for 27 years. Now God has called him and his wife Elaine to a new journey.

I will keep this blog updated as more about this is made "official" and public. I also hope to do an interview with the 9th president of the college in the near future.

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