Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dr. Pedrone introduced to the Student Body

What a wonderful yet very busy day at Davis College. Today was the day that Dr. Dino Pedrone was officially introduced to the Student Body as the 9th president of Davis College, and Dr. George Miller III read his resignation. I kept busy doing much IT work that I have never done before to help preserve this historic occasion. Stan Blair who is a cameraman and editor for Dr. Pedrone's TV show "The Gathering Place" and I filmed the announcement and along us all the TV stations in the area did also. As of this moment I know of two website that have information about the day. The Press and Sun Bulletin has an article. I am sure there will be something in tomorrows paper about it so the link might only be good for a day. And News 10 Now a Local Time Warner TV station for Upstate New York. On their website they also have a video with the link. Here is the link for the video and here for the article.

Some Photos from Today

(L-R) Elaine and Dr. George D. Miller III at Tuesday's Chapel

Dr. Pedrone being interviewed by the News Crew

Dr. Pedrone and Dr. Carol Miller (Board Chairperson) being interviewed by the Press and Sun Bulletin

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