Saturday, December 05, 2009

Lucky, Lucky Jim: Mr. Elliott E. Ackerly

This video is quite funny. In September of 1996, former professor of music, Elliott E. Ackerly performed Lucky, lucky Jim to students at Practical Bible College. The film was converted from VHS to digital in 2006 after Mr. Ackerly went home to glory and one of the classrooms in Patterson Hall was dedicated to him.I am unsure where the song Lucky, lucky Jim came from. I think it was created by a student or staff member of PBTS, because I have not found anything on the web about it. The earliest reference I see to it is on page 70 of the 1932 Theologue where it says in a section called "Do you Remember"....""Lucky, Lucky Jim"? Do any Alumni remember the song or where it came from? Enjoy the video.

Update: I was looking over a letter I got back from Mrs. Ackerly back in 2007 and it looks like Elliott Ackerly received it from George Carr or Ralph W. Carr (one of Etta Carr Davis' [Mrs. John A. Davis brothers]. Now I know the song was around at least since 1931-1932, but I am not sure how much earlier it is than that.

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