Saturday, November 07, 2009

83 years later an extension site is finally in Florida

Taken from the Binghamton Press Evening Edition
Tuesday, July 27, 1926

The Binghamton Practical Bible Training School management has received definite offers for the removal of the Riverside Drive institution to three points competing for its location, and these, offers are under discussion looking toward decision before the close of the present summer Bible conference now in session at [the] Bible school next Sunday night.

The city of St. Petersburg, Fla., offers $250,000 for the school and a competing offer has been received from a place which is described as “the greatest Bible center of America." The officials of the school are guarding the name of this place jealously, but it is said to be in the Middle West.

The city of' Jacksonville, Fla., definitely asks that a branch of the school be opened in a new Sunday school building in that city. The management must decide whether to remain in Binghamton or accept one of the offers by next Sunday, it was said today.

I found this article in April of this year and I have been using it in my History presentations since May. I found it fascinating that only 26 years after the school was created it had made such an impact on the country, that two sites wanted the school to move from Binghamton to Florida or somewhere in the Mid-West (referred to as Middle West in the article). But the thing that interested me the most was Jacksonville, Florida. They didn't want the school to move to Florida, but rather they wanted a branch opened there. Now days we would call them extension sites.

Started in January of 2009 we now DO have an extension site in Florida. Not in Jacksonville, but in Miami. It was not God's will at the time that we move or open an extension site, but 83 years later a branch was opened in Florida.

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