Sunday, December 13, 2009

3rd Annual Andrew's Good News Christmas Party (2nd at Davis)

The front of Chatlos-Davis

Student Ben Tinsch on the guitar and student Evan Hickernell on the sax

Dr. Dino Pedrone about to share the Gospel in Robb Gymnasium

The Robb Gymnasium with people enjoying themselves

Dr. Pedrone giving the Gospel message in the Robb Gymnasium

Dr. Walter Schlundt serving as one of the Counselors

The story of Jesus from birth to resurrection

Student Ben Baker sharing the Gospel in Robb Gymnasium

A group of students and volunteers singing Christmas carols outside as visitors come on campus

A Church Choir singing in Robb

Kids had a lot of activities in Lowe Hall which included shows with Puppets and Clowns

Student Nate Benner sharing the Gospel in the Broadway Cafe

Families having their pictures taken in the Klee Dining Room in Chatlos-Davis

Dr. Pedrone sharing the Gospel in the Cafe using John 3.16

A musical group singing in the cafe.

Jared Ingraham and Evan Hickernell preforming in the cafe.

My girlfriend and I in Chatlos-Davis

Yesterday (Saturday, December 12, 2009) was the 3rd annual Andrew's Good News Christmas party. This was the 2nd year it was held at Davis College and it was a wonderful event. This year the event was divided into two separate parties to help with the congestion that was an issue last year. There were still a lot of people that attended and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. The kids were entertained in Lowe Hall by Clowns and Puppets, while Adults could enjoy a cup of coffee in the Broadway cafe. Games and Family pictures were taken in the Klee Dining room in the basement of Chatlos-Davis and food was served in the Robb Gymnasium. Several students, Alumni, local groups, and local churches provided a wide range of music in the Gym and Cafe. Most importantly and the reason for the whole event the Gospel message was shared. It was shared by Dr. Dino Pedrone and several students. Several people got saved last night and several seeds were planted, which makes it worth it all. It was a great event. If you were not able to make it this year we encourage you to come next year.

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