Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Facebooking from 1924-1925! (or are they tweets?)

While the above image might be a bit hard to read, it is a glimpse into the past. A look at the 1924-1925 school year at PBTS. This is a page from the 1925 Theologue. It reminds me of statuses from Facebook today or maybe Tweets from Twitter.

Just a few from the page:


9--Registration Day. Some familiar faces gone--new ones to take their place
10--Confused Freshmen seen studying schedules
11--Lecture by Dr. Davis. "Hidden Treasures."
16--Groans from Doctrine Class

11--Relay race to Elmira
12--Men heard Billy Sunday in Elmira
27--Classes today. No classes the rest of the week.
29--Ice Cream and beef steak for dinner


3--Smallpox scare in Johnson City. Serious!
4--Votes and vaccinations
13--Cold. Booooo!!!! Fire out during the night
25--Why is Miss Kahler happy?
26--Mystery solved. "Bill" is here.
29--First snowstorm


1--Alarm clocks!!! Exams.
6--Eggs for breakfast
19--Hurrah! Vacation begins!

These are just a few of the things in the "Chronicles" in the 1925 Theologue. Looking at them you can see that these students were just like you and I. From the food they were eating to the events around in the community (Smallpox sounds a bit worse than Swine flu). I love the "Alarm Clocks!!! Exams." Some things don't change. This was 84 years ago and they still had to use alarm clocks to get them out of bed for tests.

All have gone home to glory from the class of 1925. An Alumna from 1929 (who was the oldest Alumni of the college) passed away last year. The oldest living Alumni that I know of is Pastor Carl Wheeler from the class of 1934.

Hope you enjoyed this Facebook Status update from 1925 (or Tweet from the 1920s)

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