Thursday, September 24, 2009

Homecoming 2009: Part 1 (September 24, 2009)

Dr. Dino Pedrone (1967)

Several Contributors honored at dinner

Dr. Dale Linebaugh (class 1949) and Opal Linebaugh

Dr. Dale Linebaugh, Opal Linebaugh, Bobbie Pedrone and Dr. Dino Pedrone

Mary and Roger Knapton (Class of 1950)

Dr. Dale Linebaugh (class 1949 and 7th president of Davis), Dr. Walter Schlundt (Class 1967), and Robert Linebaugh (head of technology services at Davis)

Today, was the first day of Homecoming 2009 at Davis College. Several pastors and Alumni are on campus. Dr. Paige Patterson, the current president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, spoke during the sessions in the Robb Activity Center. Dr. Dale Linebaugh and his wife Opal are here to celebrate the Class of 1949's 60th class reunion. Grace (Jones) Fabian is here for the class of 1959's 60th class reunion. The Class Agents (of whom I am the one for the class of 2007) met to in Lowe Hall this afternoon to discuss the college. It was a great meeting of Alumni. Several Alumni and Friends of the College were honored tonight for the gifts they gave to the college over the years. Today, was a great day and I look forward to tomorrow and sharing in the celebration of several Alumni. At 2 PM Lowe Hall I will present the History of the College to anyone that would like to attend.

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