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Homecoming 2009: Part 2 (September 25, 2009)

Dr. Dino Pedrone (1967) addressing the Alumni and Students

Roger and Mary Knapton being honored by BCNY and Davis

1959 Class Reunion (50 years)

Class 1959 (Grace Fabian is in the green)

Dr. Dale Linebaugh (1949 and 7th president), Dr. Dino Pedrone (1967 and 9th president), Corey J. Adams (2007- college historian)

Class 1949 (60th class reunion)

Rick Cramer (class 2002 Chief Operating Officer), Corey Adams (class 2007 College Historian), Dr. Woodrow Kroll (1965- 6th president) and Daniel Rathmell (class 1973 Church and Alumni Relations)

The second day of Homecoming was good also. Many Alumni were on campus including Grace (Jones) Fabian. Grace is the one that got me interested in Bible Translation and Papua New Guinea. She and her class were celebrating their Golden Class Reunion (50 years). Is is almost done with her book that will be out a little before Christmas about her testimony in Papua New Guinea.

Also on campus as the previous post talked about is Dr. Dale Linebaugh who was celebrating his 60th class reunion with the class of 1949. Dr. Linebaugh has just published another book called Campfire Reflections. He is currently pastoring two churches in Wisconsin. One is a Cowboy church. Great to hear of his ministry.

In the morning Dr. Pedrone addressed the Alumni and Students in Lowe Hall. Several board members were present and some students shared testimonies. After the address two wonderful Alumni from 1950, Roger and Mary Knapton, were honored for all their years of hard work. Now in their 80s, Pastor Roger Knapton is pastoring a church in Clyde, New York. Great testimony of God's faithfulness.

Dr. Paige Patterson spoke after this in his last session for the BCNY's convention that was going on at the same time as our Homecoming and talked about being genuine for people. Since people are lost and only Jesus can save them, we need to reach them. Be a witness for Christ.

Lunch and Class Reunions followed as Alumni caught up with one another. Great time of Fellowship as I got to know them.

At 2 PM I present my History of Davis College to about 20 Alumni in Lowe Hall. It was great to get interaction and they all enjoyed hearing about our rich history.

In the evening a few people went up to hear our 6th president, Dr. Woodrow Kroll, of Back to the Bible at Believer's Chapel in Cicero, NY. He was part of the Mars Hill Network's 40th anniversary. He spoke from Psalm 89. He talked about God's Faithfulness.

Psalm 89.1-2 read:
1 I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever;
With my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations.
2 For I have said, “Mercy shall be built up forever;
Your faithfulness You shall establish in the very heavens.”

He talked how God's faithfulness is not limited by time or space. It was a great message. Dr. Kroll will be coming to Davis College's Homecoming next year (LORD willing)starting on September 30, 2010.

It was a great Homecoming. Hope to see more next year.

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