Sunday, August 12, 2007

A new semester is coming to Davis College

Nearly a year ago (almost 100 posts ago) I started blog as I was entering my Senior year at Davis College. Now I am an Alumnus of the College and it is hard to believe. Now I am in the process of looking for a job and an apartment to begin to pay down my school loans so that I continue the journey God has me on in going back to Papua New Guinea to do Bible Translation. This week also begins the last preparations for new school year. Faculty and Staff will be having meeting throughout the week and the RAs and RDs will be having training for the new students and transfers coming at the end of the next week. Keep the new students and returning students in your prayers that they will grow in Christ this coming year. So keep them in your prayers and the administration and faculty and staff. There is spiritual warfare going on and we can use all the prayers of the Body of Christ.

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