Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kenneth and Esther Robb's wedding September 8, 1942

Backrow (L-R) Rev. J.B. Harrison, Rev. M.C. Patterson, and Rev. Gordon C Davis
Frontrow (L-R) Maid of Honor, Esther Robb, Kenneth Robb, Best Man

I received an email the other day from Richard "Richie" Robb, the son of Kenneth and Esther Robb. He sent the above photo of his parents wedding. In that Newspaper for that event it read, "The Rev. M.C. Patterson, Th. D officiated. The Rev. J.B. Harrison offered the opening prayer and the Rev. G.C. Davis, D.D. closed the ceremony with a prayer of dedication."

Richie wrote about this based on the post a couple of days ago about Dr. Patterson knowing all 9 presidents of Davis.

He wrote that his
family association predates the school; my maternal grandfather was led to Christ by John A Davis and his and grandma’s wedding was performed by him while he was the pastor at First Baptist of Hallstead PA. My note is motivated by your interesting musing on Dr. Patterson knowing all the presidents… I never would have thought of it but found it insightful. Your comment about Dr. Patterson knowing my Dad while he was a student reminded me that Dr. Patterson performed my parents wedding.

Robert Miller mentioned Richie in his memories of PBTS. Thanks Richie for the email.

I look forward to hearing from more Alumni, friends of the college, and children of past members of the college.

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