Monday, September 08, 2008

Dr. Marion C. Patterson (class 1926) and all 9 Presidents of Davis

Dr. Patterson (1934)
Dr. and Mrs. Patterson (1965)

One thing I have been thinking about for a few months, but more so as Dr. Dino Pedrone's installation as the 9th president of Davis approaches, is Dr. Patterson. Why Dr. M.C. Patterson you may ask, well I was thinking about it and something occurred to me that I thought was very cool. Dr. Patterson knew all 9 presidents of Davis College. Dr. Patterson graduated from PBTS in 1926 when Dr. John A. Davis was president (2nd president), but he also knew John R. Clements (1st) who was on the campus for many years. He served as a Vice President under Dr. Gordon Davis (3rd), and he obviously knew himself (4th). He knew Rev. Robb (5th) his successor, both when Rev. Robb was a student (class of 1942) and during the time they served together at PBTS. For Dr. Linebaugh (7th) he would have known him as a student as Dr. Patterson was working at the college when Dr. Linebaugh was a student graduating in 1949. Dr. Kroll class of 1965 (6th), Dr. Miller class of 1972 (8th), and Dr. Pedrone class of 1967 (9th) all had Dr. Patterson as President when they were students at PBTS.

All Nine presidents of PBTS/PBC/Davis were known by Dr. Patterson.

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