Saturday, August 02, 2008

Davis College Table in Hope Tent at Spiedie Fest

Sharon O'Connor outside the Hope Tent handing out coupons from Davis.

Outside the Hope TentOne of the views from the Hot Air Balloon that I went up in

Yesterday (Friday, August 1, 2008) the 24th annual Spiedie Fest began. Davis College is represented there as part of the Hope Tent. The Fest Concludes tomorrow (Sunday, August 3, 2008). For being one of the groups at the festival they were given a free Hot Air Balloon ride for the 6 PM launching. No one from the group wanted to take it so they offered it to me. It was a great time. Never flown in Hot Air Balloon, but it was beautiful weather and God creation was beautiful as we floated above the trees, river, and hills.

Tomorrow there will be a church service at the Hope Tent so come over and worship with believers from around the Southern Tier. Service begins at 10 AM. At 3 PM Rebecca St James will be preforming live at the Spiedie Fest.

Come by the Spiedie Fest and enjoy a wonderful day.

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