Saturday, November 10, 2007

Questions or Stories about the three presidents

(L-R) Dr. George D. Miller III (8th president), Dr. Dale E. Linebaugh (7th president), Dr. Woodrow M. Kroll (6th president) at Practical's Centennial Celebration in 2000.

The research for the interviews with the three living presidents of Davis is nearing completion. I hope to do all three interviews in the week after Thanksgiving, Lord willing. Do you as an Alumni or friend of Davis have a question for one of them? I cannot promise being able to ask it, but if you do have one email it to me using the button on the side or the form. Do you have a story (appropriate please) that might be interesting to bring up in the interview I would be happy to hear from you about those too. This has been a great experience researching these three great men of God. I too am looking forward to hearing what they will say in the interviews.

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