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1934 Theologue: The story of John A. Davis Part 10: "He Being Dead Yet Speaketh"

The final part of the 10 part series. If you missed any of the series they are all posted on this blog. All the links are under this introduction and also they are posted on the side bar. Send me an email or fill out the form on the side and tell me what you thought of this series. I know I enjoyed learning about John A. Davis through typing it up. Enjoy the last part.

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Hebrews 11:4

It was two days before Easter. That morning the rising bell rang at five thirty. By six o’clock the student body of the School was on Sunset Knoll, gathered around the grave of their departed president.

The newly-made grave was covered with evergreen, and in the green bed a beautiful lily had been placed.

Rev. Gordon C. Davis was in charge of the service, and led in the singing of several familiar hymns. As the note of the last hymn died away Rev. M. C. Patterson offered prayer. Following this Rev. Marmion L. Lowe read from the Scriptures. Then John R. Clements spoke about the blessing which Dr. Davis had been to unnumbered lives, and expressed thankfulness for having been one of his associates. Numerous students spoke briefly, mentioning their thankfulness for the life of Dr. Davis and expressing their faith in Christ as “the resurrection and the life.”

The early morning worshippers then went to “Friendship Cottage,” the home of Dr. Davis, and in front of the house sang for Mrs. John A. Davis, “There’s a Land That is Fairer Than Day” and “God Will Take Care of You.”

This may have been the forerunner of many Sunrise Services at the grave of Dr. Davis. That out of the deep spiritual tone of the meeting an unsaved young man was moved to yield to Jesus Christ as his Savior was not without deep significance.

“He, being dead yet speaketh.”

Thou noble man! God’s man!

Who didst not turn to right nor left

But ever followed on

To know the Lord;

Thy work is done; rest on

Gently enfolded in God’s arms of love

For thee to live was Christ

And death thy gain!

Rest fearlessly; rest heart!

Thy Lord for thee didst conquer death;

And Christ, through toil of thine, lives on

In men.

I hope you have enjoyed this 10 part series from the 1934 Theologue.

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