Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New series in the works (3 part series of the Presidents)

A new series is in the research phase that will come hopefully by Christmastime of this year. It will be a three part series on the 3 most recent presidents of this PBTS, PBC, Davis College:

Dr. Woodrow M. Kroll (class of 1965) Administration (1981-1990)
Dr. Dale E. Linebaugh (class of 1949) Administration (1991-1998)
Dr. George D. Miller III (class of 1972) Administration (1998-present)

I hope to send letters out to each of the presidents by the end of the summer or early fall to start the interview process.

The interviews will be about their time as students at PBTS and their favorite memories of PBTS (similar to some of the other interviews that I have done on the site)

How PBTS prepared them for their jobs before becoming president of PBTS, PBC, Davis. Highlights of their administration. Funny stories that have happened.
As I said this is just in the research stage and the final interviews will not be on the blog until December.

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