Thursday, February 22, 2007

Afton, so small yet...

Afton, NY is not a very large town in Upstate New York, but it would be the birthplace of John A. Davis. It would be on Melandy Hill between Afton and North Sanford that John A. Davis was born on August 7, 1871 to Charles and Hulda Davis. John was the oldest of two. He had a younger brother by the name of Alonzo F. Davis. I have yet to find if Alonzo had any children that would have had grandchildren that could be alive today. The last information I have about Alonzo was at the time of John A. Davis' death mentioning that Alonzo lived in Preston, Maryland. If anyone has any information about Alonzo or his family I would love to hear from you. So far no leads in Afton or anywhere else. No one has seemed to heard of him on this campus.

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