Monday, January 29, 2007

The President's Lost Bible: A Davis College Mystery

It was a dark and stormy most mysteries begin. I walked up the main stairs of Chatlos-Davis turning left at the top. I entered the gloomy Alumni Lounge with only the light from the streaks of lightning that reflected off the window planes dotted with rain. I journey over to the display case where the Bibles of former presidents reside. I starred into the glass in disbelief...Gordon Davis’ Bible was missing. Who could have stolen the Bible of the third President of PBTS (now Davis College); the son of the founder Dr. John A. Davis? Where would the evidence lead me...who could have the Bible...(cut to black).

Now in reality we really do not know where Gordon Davis’ Bible is and we have not known for some time. The display is set up with a picture of Gordon and a note where a Bible would be reading: CAN YOU FILL THIS SPACE? DO YOU KNOW WHERE DR. GORDON DAVIS’ BIBLE IS?

I have not been able to figure out where it might be. I have found another Bible of John A. Davis that is not in the display case, but not one that has Gordon’s name in it. Some believe that it was buried with him in 1961 when he passed away. Others think that Hazel (his wife) hung onto it until her death in 1982 and that Hazel’s step-son Steven Custard has it. So far the mystery is still out there and I do not know where to turn. Are there any clues out there in Cyberspace?

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