Monday, September 11, 2006

Dr. Parker’s prayer of dedication April 28, 2006

The Following is Dr. Parker’s prayer of dedication at the destruction of the Old Administration Building Friday, April 28, 2006. I typed this up from the recording I made on the video. Enjoy. We are moving forward at Davis College!

One story about this building. Short one. When I was a student, this is where we paid our bills. [Cheers and Yells] It cost me 15 dollars a week: Room, board and tuition. [Laughs]

All right let’s pray! Gracious God thank You for the beauty of the day. Thank You Father for Your approval upon this project as Dr. Miller has shared with us. And thank You for the support of so many in giving, and developing plans, considering lots of different options, and overall Father just putting together the kind of building that will serve the college well, but ultimately Lord will serve You well, and serve the kingdom extremely well. And so we are grateful for the progress, we are grateful for this day, and we are thankful that You are working, You are blessing, You are leading in the development of this campus. Father we do want to pray for these requests and applications that are before some donors and some foundations. And we pray that You will go before each application and work in the hearts of men and women who make decisions about these matters. And we would ask Lord that they might give their approval for the requests that we might have the funds to complete the projects here on this campus. And so Lord we dedicate this occasion to You. And we just recognize it as a token of Your leading in the campus and of Your work on the campus and an indication of greater things to come. And Lord we look forward to the day when we can stand here and dedicate a brand new building for Your honor and for Your glory to be used in the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And so as this occasion takes place today give Your blessing as we meet together right here and witness this demolition and we ask for Your blessing in Jesus’ name. Amen [Amen.]

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