Monday, August 28, 2006

Marching Onward and Upward into the Future of Davis College

The following is an article I wrote after the destruction of the two buildings on our campus in April of 2006. Enjoy.

Marching Onward and Upward into the Future of Davis College

By Corey J. Adams

Class of 2007

We must Build on Something. That is common sense. We cannot build on air; we all know that we must build on some foundation. It is true that at times all build what they call “air castles,” but they do not amount to anything. So then, if all are building and must build on some foundation how very important it is to know what we are building.

~From Dr. John A. Davis’ Sermon The Two Foundations

We are living in historic times here at Davis College. We are building on the wonderful hope that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will continue to bless this institute as He has for the past 106 years. We are growing to be able to train the next generation for Christian ministries across the street and around the world. When our founder Dr. John Adelbert Davis founded this school at the turn of the 20th century, with the gift of one dollar from a poor washwoman, I can only imagine the vision he must filled his mind.

Today, the vision of Dr. Davis is embodied in our President George Miller the third and his administration. We are building on the legacy of Dr. Davis and his heart for his Lord and God. As in 1911, after the acquisition of the grounds of the bankrupt White City Amusement Park, these grounds went through many changes to transform it into an excellent training center for men and women of God.

As the grounds began to show their age in the late 1950s plans were hatched by President Gordon Carr Davis (son of Dr. John A. Davis) to once again change the campus into its present look. Now, 50 years later almost to the day that Patterson Dorm was beginning to be planned; the campus of Davis College is once again changing as we are moving onward and upward with vision of Dr. Davis.

Through the leadership of Dr. Miller and his team of professors and staff, the College is in a new and wonderful phase of building on the foundation started so long ago. Yet, sometimes when building for the future it means removing a piece of the past. Just like in our Christian life, we must put off the old self to put on Christ as Paul writes in many of his epistles. We take off the old self not just because of sin, but because God has something better. In taking down the Old Jail House (a symbol of the Old White City days) and the Old Administration building, we are also putting on the future of Davis College, embodied in the Ministry Center.

As Dr. Davis said in his sermon The Two Foundations, “if all are building and must build on some foundation how very important it is to know what we are building.” Here at Davis College we know what we are building and the reason why. We have a clear vision of continuing to serve the Church of Christ for His glory and His honor, for it is all about Him.

Will you not join Davis College as they train this generation of Christian workers? Jesus Christ is alive here at Davis College as we “press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2.14b). Millions are dying in this world without Christ, be part of the training of beautiful feet “of those who preach the Gospel of Peace.” Be one of the cornerstones of future of Davis College as history is being written, and the results will be realized only in eternity.

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