Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spiedie Fest 2010

The Davis College Table in the Hope Tent

The FLN display in the Hope Tent

The Big Red Balloon for the Hope Tent

The Davis Table again (enter to win a $50 certificate to the Cafe--that's a lot of coffee)

So many great organizations helped to make the Hope Tent possible.

Dale (Class 1983) and Faith Ingraham (Class 1984) helping with the ministry at the Hope Tent

Denny Brownlee and Terese Main of FLN in the Hope Tent

Keli Copper being interviewed by FLN

Keli and Denny

Admissions Counselor Caralee Godfroy being interviewed by FLN

Caralee Godfroy

Caralee talking about Davis College to FLN

Three Class of 2009 Alumni of Davis: Matt Terboss, Josh Olmstead, and Andrew Zetterstrom

Alumna Kim Phillips (2008)

Professor of Organizational Leadership Charles Colton at the Davis table

Up, up, and away

A few of the more than 30 balloons that went up

Amazing to watch each year as they go up

This one looked like a Stained Glass window

Heading to the clouds

Matthew West preforming on the Main Stage

Matthew West

Matthew West and a band member

Another member of Matthew West's band

Matthew West's band

Jars of Clay on the Main Stage

Stephen Mason of Jars of Clay

Jake Goss of Jars of Clay

Matt Odmark of Jars of Clay

Lead singer Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay

Well another year, and another Spiedie Fest has come and gone. The weather was absolutely beautiful on all three days of the local Binghamton Festival. The Hope Tent continues to grow and the Word of God continues to spread. This year there were three tents put together with the big red balloon hovering over them. Family Life Network (FLN) used one tent for a children's carnival as well as broadcasting from it. One Tent was for the concerts put on by local groups and the third tent was used by churches and Christian organizations. Davis had a table in this tent. Several people came by and inquired about classes and put their name in for a free T-shirt or Cafe gift certificate. On Saturday, August 7, 2010 the 3rd annual "Pray for Davis College Day" took place at the table. Around 7-8 people came together and lift up the college before the throne of grace in the Hope Tent and many others lifted up the college from around the country. On Saturday also FLN broadcast live from the Hope Tent. Davis Board Member and Hope Tent Organizer Keli Copper and Admissions Counselor Caralee Godfroy were interviewed by the radio station. On Sunday, August 8, 2010 a church service was held with former New York Giant Lee Rouson. That afternoon Matthew West and Jars of Clay performed on the Main Stage to an audience of several hundred people.

Keep in prayer the seeds that were planted through the ministry of the Hope Tent that many will come to Christ!

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