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Pray for Davis College Day (Saturday, August 7, 2010) Prayer Requests

Tomorrow (Saturday, August 7, 2010) will be the 139th anniversary of our founder's birth

The Hope Tent at Spiedie Fest

Tomorrow (Saturday, August 7, 2010) will be the third annual "Pray for Davis College Day." Started in 2008, the prayer day is a chance to lift up the college for the coming school year. The date (August 7) was chosen due to it being a couple of weeks before the school year begins, but also because it is the birthday of our founder, John A. Davis. Here in this post are some prayer requests for the college. Whether you join us at the Hope Tent tomorrow (from 11-Noon) or just pray at your home or work, please keep the college and its mission in your prayers.



President Dino Pedrone: Pray that God continues to lead and guide him as he leads the college. Pray that he will be able to share his vision of the college and that it will be God lead. Pray for him as he travels to different churches encouraging them in the Word of God and telling them about the college. Protect him from the evil one.

Chief Operating Officer Rick Cramer: Pray that God will use him as he works with the students and the daily operations of the college. Pray that God will give him discernment and wisdom in the choices that are made for the college.

Chief Academic Officer Gilbert Parker: Pray that God will guide him in the class choices and the final schedule planning for the following semester and school year. Pray that he will mentor and lead the faculty.

Chief Financial Officer Shelly Wilcox: Pray that God will give wisdom, discernment, and prudence when dealing with the finances of the college. Give her godly council when dealing with investments.

Administrative Assistants: Pray for the Assistants of these Administrators: Jenny Green, Jerri Parisi, and Naomi Saravanapavan. Pray that they have godly attitudes and show Christ in all that they do and glory Him.


  • Stan Baker
  • Sheila Flipse
  • Scott Ladd
  • Roseann Melious
  • Bonnie Novak
  • Christopher Seavey
  • George Snyder
  • Debbie Bates
  • William Berkheiser
  • Rachel Bourizk
  • JoAnne Casterlin
  • Larry Hendrickson
  • Walt Schlundt
  • Todd Luce
  • Harold Lewis
  • Peter Mason
  • Marieta McMillen
  • Brent Young
Pray that God uses these individuals (as they are the ones who interact with the students on a daily basis) to help train the next generation of men and women for ministry. Pray that God will equip them for the challenges of today. Help them be relevant to the students in the changing world, with the unchanging Word of God.



  • Caralee Godfroy
  • Will Reichel
  • Sue VanDeventer
  • Larry Ellis
Pray that as they travel to schools and events that the light of Christ would shine through them. Give them wisdom and discernment with those who are applying to the college. Pray that the LORD would bring those students who need the training at Davis to spread His message. Pray for guidance as they help with the government financial aid forms.

Other Departments:

Church and Alumni Relations--Dan Rathmell: Pray that God would use Dan as he speaks to churches and interacts with Pastors throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and wherever the LORD leads.

Athletics and Fitness--Tom O'Connor and the other coaches: Pray that God would use the coaches at Davis to train men and women in sportsmanship and give a godly testimony when on the field or court.

Business Office--Sharon Payne and Laura Churchward: Pray that God will lead and direct with other financial choices at the college. Help them find errors when they occur in the books and help them correct them without problems. Give them discernment in their choices that it might glorify God.

Health Services--Joanna Johnson: Pray that God will help her with student's health issues. Pray that she will have wisdom in diagnosing student's ailments.

Library--Jeremy McGinniss: Pray that God will help Jeremy to find the books most useful for the college and that will be most helpful for the students.

Maintenance--John Groover and his team: Pray that God will keep safe John and his maintenance crew as they fix up the campus and in the winter as they plow and shovel.

Student Development--Nikki Post, RDs and RAs: Pray that God would work through Nikki as she prepares events for the students. Pray for the RDs and RAs as they have a lot that they do wiht the students in the dorm. Pray that the RAs will be able to balance ministering to the dorm and doing school work.

Bookstore--Craig Hall: Pray that the bookstore would continue to be a light to the Christian community in Binghamton. Pray that Craig will find books and items that will benefit the college bookstore.

Food Services--Keli Perry and team: Pray that God would help Keli and her team find the food for the Cafeteria and the Cafe that will be enjoyed by many. Pray that the Cafe would continue to be testimony in the community.

Academic Records--Spencer Key: Pray that God will help Spencer have clarity of mind when working with the records. Help him spot and correct mistakes in records to keep them accurate.

Marketing and Development--Sharon O'Connor: Pray that God will help Sharon with all that she does with the website and preparing for upcoming events. Give her the help she needs to finish the planning for events. Give her wisdom for the events and help her get connects that will benefit the school.


Pray for the incoming students of Davis both the Freshman and Transfers. Pray that they will adjust the changes and that they will feel at home. Pray that the Freshman learn to balance fun and school work and that they will not procrastinate. Pray that they will focus on Christ and grow closer to Him through their first year and that they will have a positive godly affect on the campus.

Pray for the returning students that they will continue to strive for God. Help them stay focused on the Word of God and that it will not become a textbook. Pray that they will be a positive and godly influence on the younger students. Pray that God gives direction to their life and that they will follow Him wherever He leads.


Pray that through this school year that God would be glorified. "Let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith" (Hebrews 12.1b-2a). Pray that Davis would be a lighthouse in the Binghamton area and that men and women would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the testimony of those who go to the college and work at the college. Let Jesus Christ be praised.

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