Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm searching for any living relatives of: Rev. Charles H. Harrington and Alonzo F. Davis

The only picture I have of Rev. Charles H. Harrington (around 1907)

Tonight I am coming to you (the readers of this blog and web). Many have emailed me about relatives that attended Davis when it was Practical Bible Training School. Keep those emails coming I really enjoying helping to piece the puzzle for you and your families. It gives me more pieces of history. Tonight I am trying to find information on two people connected to the History of college. I know that both have passed away sometime ago, but I am trying to find information about relatives of them. The two people are the Rev. Charles H. Harrington and Alonzo F. Davis.

Reverend Charles H. Harrington:

I know very little about him, but if I could find a relative who might have notebooks of him the information might be very interesting. A bit of background that I do know: Rev. Harrington helped John A. Davis in the early years of some of his campaigns. The photo that is above is a photo in the book Rev. Harrington wrote about John A. Davis in 1908 and republished in 1909, A God Enthused Man. I am not sure where he was a pastor at, but I think from what I can tell he was born around 1850 or so maybe as early as 1830. From reading the book A God Enthused Man, Rev. Harrington did interviews with John A. Davis' parents and former school mates in the early 20th century, unfortunately he did not include all his research only brief bits in the book and I would like to get the rest for research. I am guessing that Rev. Harrington passed away between 1910-1920, but I am not sure.

Alonzo F. Davis:

Alonzo F. Davis is the younger (and only sibling) of John A. Davis. He was the second child of Charles and Hulda (Huldah) Davis. From what I can tell from Census records Alonzo was born between 4-5 years after John in around 1876 or 1877. This is only concrete information I have until John A. Davis' passing. Alonzo may have married between 1900 and 1910 to a Catherine, but this I am not sure. When his brother John A. Davis passed away in 1934 he was living in Preston, Maryland. It doesn't appear that he came to the funeral, but I am not sure. In the Obituary it simply says "He is survived by...A.F. Davis of Preston, Md." I am not sure if the person I have is the same Alonzo Davis that is married to a Catherine and if they had any children.

Any information about either of the gentlemen or where there families are today I would love to hear from you.

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