Sunday, November 09, 2008

Busy week for Davis College: Future Freshmen, Funeral, and Fun

Just to give you an update to the exciting and sad week that was at Davis College (Thursday, November 6, 2008- Saturday, November 9, 2008. On Thursday night I went to the college to see some Future Freshman of the college. High School Preview Students (around 40 of them) came to the campus. The largest group from Grace Christian School in Vermont. They came down with an 2004 Alumnus of the college, Shawn Smith and his wife. The evening included music, pizza, and Volleyball. The kids seemed to have a great time. They had a devotion in the cafe before returning to the dorms. Friday they attended classes and chapel before going their separate ways. Friday evening was the calling hours for Mrs. Marsha Fuller. Many people came to West Windsor Baptist Church. West Windsor is pastored by Pastor Rex Baker (class of 1968). It was a great turn out for the calling hours. Saturday the funeral took place. It was a great God honoring service with lots of memories of Marsha and a call for anyone that doesn't know Jesus to come to Him today as Marsha would have wanted it that way. Friday night after the calling hours the Davis College Men's Basketball team beat Tyndale College from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (111-87). Saturday the Men's team once again beat Tyndale (96-60). The Women's Basketball team beat Word of Life on the same day. It was an intense game, but in the end the Women ended (62-57).

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