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Memories of PBTS from the 1930s- Part 1: Dr. Allan Knight (Class 1932)

Memories of PBTS from the 1930s


Dr. Allan R. Knight (class of 1932)

I have had two wonderful conversations with a couple of the oldest Alumni of Practical Bible Training School. I have one interview coming up this next week with Mrs. Ruth Kummerer (also from the class 1934) and I will post about her time at PBTS afterwards.

Dr. Allan Knight wrote of many great memories. Dr. Knight was born on July 28, 1912. He wrote that he went from New Jersey to PBTS under the recommendation of his pastor the Reverend Ralph W. Carr. He was the brother of Etta Carr, who was the wife of Dr. John A. Davis. He mentioned that Dr. John A. Davis voice, “when I knew him as president, was rather high-pitched and sounded as though it was ‘worn-out’.” Dr. John A. Davis was “a truly dedicated man of God.”

He remembered that one of his roommates was a man by the name of Peter Eiseman. Peter was a converted Jew from Cleveland, Ohio who had been disowned by his parents. Dr. Knight “felt sorry for him, but also proud that he had recognized his Messiah.”

He related a story about one of the “pranks” he and one of his roommates tried...yet failed.

One evening in the late spring my roommate (at that time) and I decided to go out, with our sleeping bags, to the nearby knoll to sleep overnight. When we were almost there, Gordon Davis (who was living in the home overlooking the river) apparently spotted us and opened his front door to say, “And where do you gentlemen think you are going this evening?” Needlessness to say, we returned to our rooms—to stifle the night through.

Through the interview and the letters I learned some great details from Dr. Allan R. Knight.

Coming up Part 2...Pastor Carl Wheeler’s memories.

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