Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A memory of Dr. Woodrow Brown

This is a memory of Dr. Woodrow Brown from Dr. Don Hall (Class of 1950) Reprinted with permission:

Yes, indeed, I knew him (Woodrow Brown) very well. He was without doubt my most favorite person at Practical and he had such a heart for ministry. We used to go out driving around the countryside looking for closed churches we could reopen. He helped find me one up near Oxford, N. Y. that we opened up and got a small congregation to come. He was also dean of men at the school and tried to appear stern while enforcing rules (which I'm sure he thought were a bit petty), but we knew he was as fun loving as we were and so we never really quaked in our boots when "Brownie" showed up. We were not suppose to have an electrical appliances in our room. Well, I had an electric coffee pot and one night just after brewing a pot of coffee, and there were a lot of guys in my room, there was a knock on the door. We shoved the coffee pot under the bed. It was Brownie, so we said, "Come on in." He made a show of sniffing the air--heavy with the aroma of coffee--so we knew he had us red handed. I said, "Would you like a cup of coffee?" He said he would and he sat down, shot the breeze with us, and had a cup of coffee with us. Before he left, he reminded us of the rule about electric appliances. He never did report us to the higher ups. That was Woodrow Brown. I know his family will sorely miss him. He was the kind of dean of men every guy going to college should have. You learned a lot from him just by the way he lived. His dear wife later in our lives was a real blessing to us. Betty and I had returned from Africa. We'd had twin sons born to us in Africa and upon returning to the USA, our mission wanted Betty to get some Bible training. Dr. Gordon Davis allowed her to take her pick of classes and charged not one penny for tuition. Plus, he threw in lunch. In the afternoon when I had to go to work and she was still in class we needed a baby sitter. We scarcely had two dimes to rub together. So Mrs Brown and sometime Mrs. Lowe volunteered to baby sit the twins for us. We'd not have made it through that year without them. And we have many memories of the Brown children, too. Just little kids back then. A wonderful family. True servants of God.

Hope you enjoyed that. I know I did when I read it.

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