Friday, September 29, 2006

Homecoming 2006 was great.

The Homecoming this year was wonderful. So many pastors and so many Alumni.



At 10:30 AM on Thursday Dr. William Brown spoke on the Post-modern culture to the audience of 170 pastors and church workers + Faculty, Staff, and Students. He talked about how Media now controls a lot of culture and my generation is very influenced by it. Which I totally agree. He talked about how to find truth (GOD's TRUTH) in many areas and use them for the glory of God. Just as Paul when in Athens didn't quote the Torah...he used a poem about Zeus and turned into something to glorify God. We as believers can do the same.

At 11:30 AM for the second session he talked more along these lines and talked about worldviews and how to tell them apart. It was also a challenging time. How to engage the culture we are in for the Glory of God and to bring others to Christ.

After lunch we had one final session with Dr. Brown and it was a time of questions after some clarification on some things. The church in a Postmodern era.

All sessions had the wonderful music of Bob Thompson. He has a wonderful voice from God and a great message with his music.

The night session at 7 PM was with Dr. Ron Hawkins from the class of 1963. He talked about how he was nothing and then he came to this school and the wonderful teachers that trained him. He challenged us with the life of Solomon.


9 AM Dr. Hawkins continued his message on Solomon and how we are all sinners and we are not in Heaven yet so none of us are more righteous than the next Christian.

At 10:30 AM Dr. Miller gave another great message. He used a few things from the history of the school to do a sermon on VISION. Where there is no Vision the people the people perish. He used bits and pieces from Dr. John A. Davis' writing about the Education the Educates. You can read the whole thing here.

The afternoon after a wonderful meal I spent the time with the Class of 1956 and you can see their picture below. I was blessed and believe they were also.

It was a great TIME!

UPDATE: Check out the Davis College website for other pictures taken by Mrs. Sharon O'Connor. Check them out here!

UPDATE 10-16-06: Listen online to the messages of Homecoming here.

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