Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A decade ago...(Thursday, February 22, 2001)

John Terry (Class 1986) seen here at Homecoming 2009

Today marks one decade since Thursday, February 22, 2001. On that Pastor John Terry (Class 1986), a friend (Mike McCall), and I (Corey Adams) traveled down to Practical Bible College. It would be the first day I would step onto the campus of PBC. I was a sophomore at Southern Cayuga High School and Pastor Terry had invited Mike and I down to his Alma Mater. I had heard of Practical Bible College as several of the pastors I had known through the years had graduated from Practical. I still remember coming up to the campus from Riverside for the first time and getting the first view of the campus.

We pulled up to the administration building/admission building at that time, and met up with Suzanne Graham who was in admissions and she was going to take us on a tour of the campus. It was still in the early morning...like 9 AM...so the students were just waking up and getting ready for classes. As we were getting ready to go on the tour we met Dan Rathmell and Dr. George Miller III, the president of the college. The group of four of us walked over to the men's dorm, Patterson where the students were getting ready for classes and heading out. I saw a few of the guys I had attended with at Immanuel Baptist School in Auburn, NY.

The group of us heading to the Main Building and we were told there was a debate going on in the Acts Class over the Jerusalem Council. We decided that we would go to the bookstore before we headed to chapel in Lowe/Wagner Hall. There were two classes going on and the divide between the two class rooms had to be opened so there would be enough room for chapel.

After Chapel we sat in a class with Dr. Leigh Upchurch in Lowe Hall. Dr. Upchurch was speaking about Third Culture kids in a Missionary life class. We popped out of the class before it was done and headed down to lunch in the Klee dining hall and met up with some of the other professors and students. I remember I was very interested in the end times and I was told a good person to speak to was Dr. Parker in the Academic's building. It seems funny now, but I was getting lost trying to figure out how to find Academic's behind the Gym. The Cafe was under construction at the time and I remember seeing that being worked on during that visit.

I found Academics and asked someone where Dr. Parker's office was, turns out it was Dr. Parker I was asking. We had a good chat about Eschatology and he gave me a copy of a book about the Antichrist.

That afternoon before we headed back to the Finger Lakes I remember walking on sidewalk by the old administration building and knowing that God wanted me to go to Practical Bible College when I graduated from Southern Cayuga. I remember saying out loud to God, "So God this is where you want me to go? OK." One of best choices of life after accepting Christ as my Savior.

I would go to two Preview Days at the college during the next couple of years before finally going the college in August of 2003.

Thank You LORD for opening the doors to my Davis Family

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